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Power Corrupts, written by BPJ

Bodybuilding wife becomes intoxicated by power over husband.

My wife and I were like any other married couple you might meet. We were happy
in our chosen careers as well as our personal lives and had by all accounts a
perfect marriage. The problems began the day I recommended building a home gym
in our spare room. Because of our busy schedules it was difficult to get to
the gym on a regular basis, and I thought this would allow us to work out
more. Over the years I had not taken the time to exercise regularly and I
thought this would help me to beef up my perpetually slim frame. 
My wife, Janet, on the other hand, had a strong athletic background in high school and
college, and no matter how hectic life got, would always make time for
exercise. The regular exercise helped her maintain the firm and healthy
physique that first attracted me to her. Although she did not really need it,
Janet latched on to my idea as a way to spend more time together, and we set
about putting together a top quality home gym.

Once the gym was complete we began working out together each night after work.
I was amazed at the discipline and determination Janet exhibited during our
workouts and she was surprised by how much she enjoyed pumping iron. 

As often happens, career priorities and other commitments would encroach upon my
workout time and I would often have to miss our workout sessions, but as
before, Janet would always make time for her workouts. I could tell that
because of her determination, athletic background, and genetics, she was
making progress at a much faster rate than I was. I was happy to see her
already firm shapely body improve with each passing week, however, I was also
discouraged by my own lack of progress.

Over the coming months we continued to workout together whenever I had the
energy and the time, however, it only served to highlight the differences in
the amount of progress we each made to date. As I became further discouraged,
I began to lose interest in lifting weights and wished I never suggested the
idea of a home gym.

 Janet continued to workout religiously and would spend
each night standing in front of the mirror flexing various muscle groups. I
could see that her muscles were growing and becoming more defined and that she
was very proud of the progress she made. She would occasionally joke that I
better get back into the weight room or she would soon be stronger than me.

She had no way of knowing that having a wife that was stronger than me had
become a very real fear for me. I was surprised that her changing body was
making me feel so uncomfortable, as I had always been self-confident, and not
one to feel threatened by her physical attributes. In fact her tall healthy
physique was one of the things that first attracted me to her in college. When
I first met her in college she was a star athlete and was four inches taller
than me, but I never let that bother me.

But now the constant changes to her body in both strength and size, was a very different matter. I tried to think of ways that I could stop her from working out and get things back to the way
they were before the home gym.
By this time Janet had developed a true passion for weight lifting and carefully tracked her results. She resisted every suggestion I made to take upanother sport. She loved seeing how her body was changing and I could tell shewas becoming more confident as her strength grew. You could almost see a cockiness in her that wasn't there before. One night after dinner we weretalking about whose turn it was to do dishes. She suggested that we armwrestle for it. I was taken aback as she had never before engaged me in a test of strength. I of course wanted to avoid this as I did not want to have
confirmed my uneasy suspicion that she had already surpassed me in strength. I said, "its okay I'll do the dishes". Janet insisted, grabbing my hand and pushing my elbow on the table. I had no option but to go through with the match.

I decided to use all my strength, concentration, and will-power, to at leastmake a good show of it, if not win it outright. I determined that a full blast would be the way to go rather than trying to match her endurance. As we held hands I was amazed and made very nervous by the firmness of her grip which was so tight it was painful. 

We both started slowly testing each other's strength, and then I suddenly put everything I had into one blast. I was red with exertion pushing my entire body weight against her arm and the result was
absolutely nothing. Her arm did not waver an inch. I looked into her face to see that she did not seem to be the least bit taxed by the effort, and started to giggle at my pathetic attempts.

With no effort she slammed my hand to the table and her smile of amusement changed to a knowing smile of power and superiority as her overwhelmingly dominant strength had been confirmed.

I was flabbergasted, as I never expected that she had become so much stronger
than me. I tried to put up a brave face but I was thoroughly embarrassed by
having Janet's dominance confirmed with such authority. Janet was obviously
elated as she repeatedly said "I can't believe how much stronger I am than
you, that wasn't even close", "I think you could have used two hands and I
would still win". I said "okay, okay you don't have to rub it in", and tried
to be a good sport by saying congratulations. I pretended like nothing had
changed, but inside I was in turmoil; I felt my entire world had been turned
upside down and now everything would change.

Beating me in a test of strength only served to make Janet even more obsessed in pumping iron and increasing her strength and size. She increased her workouts to twice a day and began to eat larger amounts of food throughout the day in order to put on weight. She read everything she could about bodybuilding, weight lifting and nutrition and began taking all kinds of supplements. 

Being stronger than me was obviously a turn-on for her and she concentrated on expanding the already large gap in our physical strengths. Her already impressive body was growing at an even faster rate as her workouts became more intense. I could see her muscles were becoming larger rounder and harder with each passing week. Her body was looking more and more powerful and she would receive stares from people whenever we left the house.

There was also a huge increase in her level of cockiness. She seemed to be
bossier than before, asking for me to bring her water or a towel during her
workouts. Every evening mostly for Janet's amusement she would insist on arm
wrestling to see who would clean the dishes. With each passing day it became a
more ridiculous contest, until I would wash dishes automatically.

I felt a shift in our roles as Janet would assume jobs that I had always been
responsible for, such as moving furniture or carrying in bags from the car. If
there was ever anything heavy that required lifting (carrying luggage when
travelling on a trip, carrying boxes to the storeroom) she insisted on
carrying it so I didn't "hurt" myself. She would also screw lids on jars extra
tight so that I would have to ask her to open it.

I felt that there was little hope of getting back to the way things were
before, but I wanted to try to change the direction things seemed to be going
in. I told Janet that her body was beautiful now and maybe she had attained as
much muscle development as she needed and that perhaps she could cut down on
the workouts. She saw right through me and my question and looked into my eyes
with mock sympathy, patted me on the head, and said, "honey, don't worry, as
long as you're a good boy I won't hurt you." The way she said this made me
more uncomfortable than ever, and I wondered exactly what she meant.


One advantage to my wife's workouts had been the increase in her sexual drive.
Now almost on a nightly basis after her workouts she would come to bed and
make love to me. Ever since clearly establishing that she was the stronger
spouse, as with everything else, she had taken the aggressive role in our
lovemaking. She was always on top and in full control of what occurred.

Although I greatly enjoyed the contact with her magnificent and powerful body I felt that I was being treated like an object to be used at her will. I made the decision one night that I would be busy when she was done with her workout.

Janet came into the living room where I was watching TV and asked why I wasn't in bed like usual. She was naked from head to toe and looked unbelievable. She had just got out of the shower and there were still beads of water glistening on her huge muscles. Until now I had not truly noticed or maybe had not wanted to accept how huge she had become. Both her legs and her shoulders were spread out wide with enormous mounds of muscle that popped with each tiny movement. Her breasts were huge firm perfectly round peaks that pushed out from a deeply muscled chest. Although the sight of her turned me on greatly, I stuck to my plan and said I was not sleepy yet, and that I would be in soon. She then said that she wanted to make love to me now. I responded "Thanks honey but I am not in the mood".

She stared at me for a while with a perplexed look, and then quickly walked
over behind the couch where I was sitting, grabbed me under my arms, pulled me
up off the couch and held me tight against her body. While my feet hung
several inches above the floor she then began walking toward the bedroom. 

I screamed "What are you doing, put me down, I said I don't feel like it." She
responded "Don't worry I will do all the work" and continued to walk towards
the bedroom. She threw me onto the bed and straddled my body with her immense
weight and began to tear off my clothes. I thrashed about and tried to fight
her off but she simply locked up both my wrists with one powerful hand and
continued to remove my clothes until I was lying underneath her naked.

I was completely under her control as she rubbed her large breasts and hard muscular
body against mine. I continued to try to fight back without effect and my mind
raced as I started to realize that I was being raped by my own wife. Janet was
more excited than I had ever seen her. She was obviously enjoying the power
she had over me . She mounted me and pumped with power and exuberance that I
had never experienced before, and her orgasm was so powerful I was scared that
she would seriously hurt me. Eventually it ended but even after she held me
tightly in her powerful and massive arms for most of the night.

From that point on my wife treated me like her sex toy to be used however she
saw fit. She loved demonstrating the level of control over me each night in
bed by wrestling and raping me again and again. It was a huge turn-on for her
to drag me from where ever I was into the bedroom, tear my clothes off, and
ravish me without mercy. Often during the night she would pull my head down
between her legs and demand that I pleasure her.

Our relationship had now been turned on its head, I was at the end of my rope, and did not know what to do. I made the decision that I would do whatever it takes to get things back the way they were. I was going to have the home gym removed and forbid my wife from lifting weights anymore.
I called the moving company the following day and scheduled the removal of all of the equipment and weights. This was an expensive proposition as the amount of weights and equipment had continued to expand to meet Janet's need for a complete workout. I was waiting in the empty room with the mirrored walls when my wife came home from work. She immediately changed into her workout clothes as she always did and then came into what was her weight room. She was wearing
nothing but a bikini for her workout, as it was a very warm day. Her body was so immense it looked like she would have trouble fitting through the doorframe. Her biceps were huge mounds of incredible defined muscles and her legs exploded in massive curves out from her bikini bottom. When she saw me standing in what used to be our home gym, a look of rage came across her face
that I have never seen before. I was truly frightened at what she would do, and actually considered jumping out of our third story window. I tried to stutter an explanation that might calm her as her immense body quickly advanced towards me.

I tried to run away from her but she cornered me and began tossing me around
the room while she yelled "you pipsqueak, what have you done!!". She threw me
around the room like I was nothing more than a rag doll, and I was terrified
that she would rip me apart. 

She finally grabbed both of my biceps with her powerful hands, and I yelped as the pain of her grip was incredible. She began to shake me back and forth as she roared "what have you done with my


She was shaking me so hard I thought she would snap my neck from the force. I feared for my life and began to cry and beg her to forgive me. It was then that I realized that my feet were no longer touching the floor. My wife was holding me off the ground in her hands. In addition to the intense fear I already felt, my face displayed my absolute amazement, as Janet was far
stronger than I ever imagined she could get. My wife then realized herself that she had lifted me off the ground, read the look on my face, and responded with an evil smile reveling in her power and superiority.

She began to lift me slowly up higher into the air and then back down again.
She would repeat this over and over again as sweat began to glisten on her
flexing muscles.

She stripped off her clothes and began to maneuver my body
into different positions as she lifted me up and down over and over again. She
would look at her muscles explode with power in the mirror as she would
continually lift my body weight. Her face showed that she was thoroughly
enjoying the display of power and superiority and was getting a great workout
as well.

This continued for several hours as she thought up creative ways to
get her workout which ended with her repeatedly charging up and down our
apartment building's stairs while cradling me in her powerful arms.
I was relieved that my wife had not seriously hurt me but I was concerned that she may have actually enjoyed using me as her dumbbell. After Janet had taken me to bed that night I said that I would have the weights and equipment returned in the morning. She responded not to bother and that she would prefer to use me instead. From that day forward Janet did use me as her dumbbell for all her   workouts. She would lift me by grasping me under the arms, curl me, press me as well as a dozen other exercises. 

For her workouts she designed and had me wear a special harness with various handholds so that she could more easily use my body for her various exercises. It turned her on immensely to display her incredible power over me, and just using my body for her workouts she was getting bigger and stronger than ever. Soon my weight began to seem like nothing to her as she steadily increased the reps with which she would need to do to tire her enormous muscles.

From that point on I had essentially                  

become her slave. I was required to
doall of the housework including
cooking all of her meals. During
her baths I was expected to sponge
her entire immense body, shave her
armpits, wash her hair, and apply
moisturizers afterwards. I was
expected to wait on her hand and
foot, to brush her hair, paint her nails, 
rub oil on her for her posingsessions.


 I had also now become her sexual slave, required to please her
without question whenever she wishes, or face severe punishment. She had
become quite fond of looking for reasons to spank me until I burst into tears,
and beg for mercy.

The worst part of the transformation in our relationship has been the public
embarrassment. Previously she used to be sensitive to the difference in our
heights and would wear flats or low healed shoes. But she has now bought a new
collection of shoes with heals five or more inches. We would make an odd site
with her massive body towering nine inches or more over mine. She would enjoy
going out to clubs with her friends and displaying her power over me. She
would often effortlessly lift me high in the air where everyone could see and
slowly lower my face or my groin to her lips for a kiss. 

She would also make me wear loose pants and no underwear, and then rub her hard body up against me and whisper into my ear until my 9.5 inch hard-on was evident to her fellow bodybuilding girlfriends (or anyone else that saw us). She would then hang me by my belt on a coat hook and invite her friends to grope me. 

Sometimes she makes me walk around the apartment in nothing but a short apron and serve her
and her girlfriends. They then each take turns grabbing my member or pulling my face between their massive legs to pleasure them.

I have looked for ways to break free of Janet's control, but she has assured
me that if I tried to leave, she would eventually find me and crush me.
Besides, I am ashamed to admit it, but there is part of me that has become
addicted to her power and beauty.

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